Karin Saler & Siri Ahmed Backström

Those, Who are Left Behind

Grief. How to live with it? How to continue life when everything ends? What are you doing if you're the one left behind?

Karin Saler's poetic prelude to grief and how life can continue after the loss. The illustrations by Siri Ahmed Backström bring the loss of a family close to everybody.

Those who are left behind received a prestigious children's book prize from Snöbollen in 2014.



title: Ne, jotka jäävät jäljelle
(original title: Dom som är kvar / Urax)
text: Karin Saler
illustration: Siri Ahmed Backström
ISBN: 978-952-7105-41-2
32 pages
size: 20 x 24,5 cm
translation: Kirsikka Myllyrinne
age: 3+
year of publishing: 2019