The Piano's Great Escape

Filippa, André the Donkey and Snoozy the Cat from the beloved book The Piano’s Great Escape take off on a new adventure. They head off to an amusement park with a hall of mirrors and a magic show. They meet the magician’s assistant, Cedric the Rabbit, who has a huge problem. The magician has disappeared while performing a special disappearing act, and no one has seen him since. Filippa, her friends and Cedric the Rabbit step up to replace the magician as the main act in the magic show. They improvise a few simple spells and do some stand-up comedy, but their vanishing act causes Snoozy the Cat to go missing, too. Will they find her and the magician before the magic show ends?

The second book in the Filippa & Company series will be published in 2017. Once again, Juha Virta’s humorous way of writing meets Marika Maijala’s flourishingly rich illustrations and invites children and adults to visit a world full of magic.

The White Ravens 2016 – International Youth Library

The Most Beautiful Book of the Year 2015 – award by The Finnish Book Art Committee

Gold prize – The Best of the Year 2015 by Grafia ry – Association of Visual Communication Designers in Finland



Text: Juha Virta
Illustration: Marika Maijala
Orig.title: Piano karkaa
ISBN: 978-952-7105-03-0
40 pages
size: 26 x 20,8 cm
recommended age: 3+

© Rights sold: Swedish, Spanish, English (Worldwide), Korean




The Piano's Great Escape is a colorful and charming children's picture book of friendship and music. Marika Maijala's candy-inspired illustrations combine the atmosphere of a European cafe with vibrantly vibrant characters.

- Best of the best 2015 jury