Astrid Debordes & Marc Boutavant

Oliver and the Moonlit Party

In Oliver, The Moonlit Party, Oliver the squirrel is shy and a bit lonely, but he nevertheless believes that his life is just as it should be. He's happy making his colorful pompoms, stirring his nut jam, and going to sleep early. But one evening, when there's once again a party in his apartment house tree, the fragrance of his jam brings an unexpected visitor to his door. With the entrance of Owl, an aficionado of disguises and fun, into his life, everything begins to change for Oliver. Not only does he agree to attend Owl's party. He goes and has the best evening ever, and the world seems deeper and more wonderful than ever before, and just right, too! Awash with rich color and the funniest, liveliest details ever, Oliver, The Moonlit Party is thoughtful and thought provoking as well as just plain fun! Each page deepens the story while providing a rich serving of visual pleasure!

Astrid Desbordes lives in Paris, where she works as an editor and an author. She received her degree in philosophy and has written several books on religion and philosophy for adults, but she also writes rich and unusual stories for children. Marc Boutavantis an award-winning author and illustrator. For years, Boutavant has drawn for picture books and comics, and he's done his fair share of editorial illustration as well. His cartoons and picture books have made him a widely sought after illustrator. Boutavant's lively, expressive, and inventive illustrations appeal to both children and their parents, for they are simple and complex, witty, playful, and probing all at the same time.



title: Oliver ja kuutamojuhlat
(original title: Edmond la fête sous la lune / Nathan)
text: Astrid Debordes
illustration: Marc Boutavant
ISBN: 978-952-7105-39-9
32 pages
size: 18 x 21 cm
translation: Annukka Kolehmainen
age: 4+
year of publishing: 2019