Who is Driving this Train?

The train is full of passengers today! Cats, teddy bears, elephants, and rhinoceroses get stuck in the train wagons. More and more people want to jump in, but the world's fastest train does not have time to stop. The train moves forward urgently, it twitches and tilts from side to side. Passengers and luggage are flying here. Who is driving this train right? Who drives the train? is the journey of Ellen Karlsson and Monika Forsberg's fast-paced adventure train.




Text: Ellen Karlsson
Illustration: Monika Forsberg
Orig.title: Vem är det som kör?
(Urax Förlaget 2018),
Kuka ohjaa junaa? (Etana Editions 2018)
ISBN 978-952-7105-24-5
32 pages
size: 20,5 x 20,5 cm
translation by Kirsikka Myllyrinne
recommended age: 3+



Short and lively
“This book presents a great surprises at first reading , but its charm remains with later readings too.

Without uncovering the culmination of the last page, I can still assure you that this picture book inspires the child into creative, spontaneous play!”

— Lastenkirjahylly