Rosie’s Journey
by Marika Maijala


Rose is a racing dog. During the day he runs on the racetrack. In the evening she sits in her small room. One day, when he runs, he will not stop over the finish line. He jumps over the fence and runs away. Rose runs for running. Where does Rose end? The award-winning illustrator Marika Maijala debuts as a writer in this large size book, in which an emotional and fast-paced story is told through rich and living illustrations.

Whimsical Numbers
by Juha Virta and Marika Maijala


A new adventure of Filippa & Friends, from the series of the much liked books The Escape of the Piano and The Case of the Lost Cat, this book follows the friends adventure with wild numbers ...

Little Big Story About Christmas
by Reka Kiraly


It is Christmas time and the animal friends are in need of a Christmas tree. The spruces are in the nearby forest and their guardian is the scary Bear. Who is going to pick up a tree? The friends leave all together to get the tree. The Bear takes them to the tree that looks exactly like the one they had imagined before. Can it be that the Bear after all is nice, just a loner?

The Atlas of Solitary Islands
by Maija Hurme


How deep is the sea? Where do whales sleep? Emma has a lot of important questions, but mom only wants to take cute pictures of her. Emma stops talking to mom, and moves to her own island with Aimo the Orangutan. He is a good listener, and they talk about hills, oceans and whales. But one day the island suddenly starts drifting away, over the page in the atlas towards the darkest part of the ocean ...

One Hundred seeds that flew away
by Isabel Minhós Martins and Yara Kono


A tree is waiting, hopeful. What is she waiting for? For the right day to release her seeds. A day that is just right, a day that is the day!

This day arrives, the adventure is just getting started… Because, if we do the maths, how many seeds of the one hundred that flew away, will land in good grounds? How many of those will be eaten by birds? How many will end up at the bottom of a river? In the end, how many will have turned into an adult tree?

In this book, we do the maths, without ever losing hope. Even if the story appears to be on a roll of infinite subtractions!

Car Lexikon
by Carl Johanson


Imagine all cars in the world - and a few more! This book has all the right cars, such as ambulance, tractors and also some of the more peculiar ones: eggcar, carriages, perfect cars ...

Etana Editions received Onnimanni Award

The Finnish Institute for Children’s Literature awarded Etana Editions with the prestigious Onnimanni Award. This award has been given yearly since 1993, to an individual or community that is well-versed as a promoter of children’s and youth literature. Etana Editions has contributed to the overall appreciation of picture books in Finland. The books by the publishing company prove that picture books are not just infant literature but are interest of many ages. In just a few years, Etana Editions has become a major player in the Finnish children’s book market. Its versatile collection also challenges bigger domestic publishers to remember how important a picture book is in the development of a child’s aesthetic taste, form language and art education.

"Pallen ja Monkon kumma päivä" received The White Ravens 2018 label


"Pallen ja Monkon kumma päivä” book by Jenni Rope received The White Ravens 2018 label from the International Youth Library. “Finnish publisher Etana Editions has made a name for itself in recent years with a small but sweet picture book production of consistently high artistic and graphic quality. “Pallen & Monkon kumma päivä” adds to this reputation. Jenni Rope shows that water colour technique need neither be stuffy nor antiquated. On the contrary: “Pallen & Monko” is fresh, modern, and lots of fun.”

Yara Kono is visiting Helsinki in October 2018


As part of the well loved Kolibrí Festival, illustrator Yara Kono will visit Helsinki in October 2018. We will celebrate also her latest book's release in Finnish. "One Hundred Seeds that Flew Away" will be available in bookshops in the beginning of October.


Etana means snail in Finnish. The snail’s home always goes with it, and so does a child’s home too when a favorite book is under their arms.


The illustrations are lively and unique.
The illustrations are injections of energy for evening moments.
— Savon Sanomat
Etana Editions concentrates on non-mainstream picture books that pay special attention to visual language, material choices and content.
— Helsingin Sanomat
“Tuhat ja yksi otusta” – the book title says it all: This large-format picture book celebrates wildlife. The minimalist images, accentuated with just a few boldly coloured highlights, are impressive: spontaneously brushed onto the page, of sketch-like quality, they result in truly expressive, large animal drawings.
— The White Ravens 2017
The 2014 founded Finnish publisher Etana Editions specializes in picture books that are characterized by a bright-hued graphic style and are a little retro, but still very fresh and modern.
— International Youth Library

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