Little Big Story About Christmas

It is Christmas time and the animal friends are in need of a Christmas tree. The spruces are in the nearby forest and their guardian is the scary Bear. Who is going to pick up a tree? The friends leave all together to get the tree. The Bear takes them to the tree that looks exactly like the one they had imagined before. Can it be that the Bear after all is nice, just a loner? What is the Best Christmas Gift this Year? A small book about how not everything is what it looks like.This new title follows the adventures of the forest animals from the internationally successful Little Big Story about Tomorrow and a Little Big Story about Friendship books.

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Text & Illustration: Reka Kiraly
orig.title: Pieni suuri tarina joulusta
ISBN: 978-952-7105-27-6
32 pages
size: 19,5 x 22 cm
recommended age: 3+

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"The text is easy to read and the sentences are short. The reader - both for the child and the adult - will have enough time to think. There are also interesting counterpart pairs that stimulate thinking."

- Maarit / Kirjahyllyssä -blog