A Year with the Wind

When was the wind born? Where does it go? The wind is always changing, but we hardly notice it unless it is very strong. Still the wind makes its mark each and every month. A Year with the Wind by Hanna Konola is a poetic take on the changing of the seasons. The short text, combined with skilfully balanced illustrations, make this picture book unique. Enjoy the harmony that Hanna Konola magically creates.

The 2018 Jury of the Bologna Ragazzi Award assigned a Special Mention in the FICTION category for the book.

The Most Beautiful Books of the Year 2016 – award by The Finnish Book Art Committee




Text & Illustration: Hanna Konola
Orig.title: Tuulen vuosi
ISBN: 978-952-7105-08-5
24 pages
size: 20,8 x 26 cm
recommended age: 3+

© Rights sold: Italian, English (Worldwide), French, Chinese, Korean




"A rare visual poem to the wind and uts many changes over the year. Acrobatic lines and playful forms dance through the pages in a harmonious mix of colours and succinct text to create a truly contemporary picturebook in prasie of the wind"

- Jury of Bologna Ragazzi Award