Onni and the Balcony Jungle
by Sanna Pelliccioni


Onni’s Mother is desperatly waiting for the beginning of Spring. Father buys a daylight lamp to cheer her up. Olavi and Onni give their Mother a special back massage with sunhine and flowers. The children get their own flower shelf and soon the tomato plants are growing in the windowsill. This is how the Spring finally starts in the family. Sanna Peliccioni’s 14 part Onni book series follows Onni and his family through everydays, celebrations, difficulties and happiness.

When I was born
by Isabel Minhós Martins and Madalena Matoso

All children love to hear the story of how they arrived in the world. When I Was Born revisits the adventure of discovering the world for the first time. Breathing, seeing, hearing, tasting, and touch are encountered afresh in this beautifully illustrated, poetic tale, reintroducing readers to the richness of life. Children and adults alike will love the award-winning illustrator Madalena Matoso's colorful and touching images, accompanied by a text that is ideal for reading aloud.

Those Who are Left Behind
by Karin Saler and Siri Ahmed Backström


Sorrow. How do you live with it? What happens to those who remain? Karin Saler’s poetic debut is about grief and about how to live on. With a beautiful connection between text and illustrations, the book talks about the sense of void when in grief. A touching picture book that grows by each reading. The title won the Swedish Picture Book of the Year, Snowball Award.

The Earthworm and the Sea
by Jenni Erkintalo


The Earthworm sits on the beach cliff and contemplates about the sea and the new adventures. Suddenly, a bottle appears, and the Earthworm notices a message on the side of it: HELP!

This is where his great adventure to the ocean begins. The worm is changing boat to boat, till the speed blinds him. Will he find the sender of the message on the glittering ocean? Jenni Erkintalo's book tells us about overconsumption, the sea and a truly surprising friendship.

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Rosie’s Journey (orig.title: Ruusun matka) by Marika Maijala is nominated for the Nordic Council Children and Young People’s Literature Prize


Rosie’s Journey (orig.title: Ruusun matka) by Marika Maijala is shortlisted to the World Illustration Awards 2019 by AOI in partnership with The Directory of Illustration.


Etana Editions is nominated for BOP - Best Children’s Publisher of the Year at Bologna Children’s Book Fair.

Marika Maijala’s and Laura Merz’s illustrations got selected to the Bologna Children’s Book Fair Illustrator’s Exhibition

We are happy and proud that two of our illustrators and authors illustrations from two books published by Etana Editions are selected as only representatives to the prestigious Bologna Illustrator’s Exhibition! Congratulations Marika and Laura!


Etana means snail in Finnish. The snail’s home always goes with it, and so does a child’s home too when a favorite book is under their arms.


The illustrations are lively and unique.
The illustrations are injections of energy for evening moments.
— Savon Sanomat
Etana Editions concentrates on non-mainstream picture books that pay special attention to visual language, material choices and content.
— Helsingin Sanomat
“Tuhat ja yksi otusta” – the book title says it all: This large-format picture book celebrates wildlife. The minimalist images, accentuated with just a few boldly coloured highlights, are impressive: spontaneously brushed onto the page, of sketch-like quality, they result in truly expressive, large animal drawings.
— The White Ravens 2017
The 2014 founded Finnish publisher Etana Editions specializes in picture books that are characterized by a bright-hued graphic style and are a little retro, but still very fresh and modern.
— International Youth Library

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